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Relaxing Data - Collective Performance

“We are now in 1989 ... You can picture the Berlin wall falling, the faith, the freedom, the end of the cold war ... thousands of families reunited ... and in Switzerland, the World Wide Web is invented at CERN ... you may now relax your knee muscles.” Relaxing Data is a performance, a seance of mindfulness relaxation following Moore's law, using the body of each participant as a timeline of thirty one years, toe to forehead, 1989 to 2015.

Bio artist

Lauren Huret is an artist, writer and researcher, living in Geneva. She is deeply interested by topics such as the colonization of the mind and narratives or ideas that often seem like science fiction–namely, hard science, high frequency trading, artificial intelligence, global corporations, neuroscience marketing and so on. Huret mainly works through videos, writings, collages and performances. She has exhibited at Le Magasin (Performance proletarians, curated by Lili Reynaud Dewar and Benjamin Valenza, 2014); at the art fair ArtGeneve invited by Kunsthalle Basel (2014, curated by Adam Szymczyk and Fabian Schöneich); at the New York Gallery (Broken Windows, curated by Benoit Maire, 2013); at the Consortium, Dijon (Teaching as Teenagers with Lili Reynaud-Dewar, 2012). She has recently participated in the Swiss Performance Prize at the Kunstmuseum Lucerne.

Organized by Rokolectiv  - part of the SHAPE Bucharest events.

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