Sun 17.04.2016    22:00    map

Raze de soare – concert

During the late ‘80s and the early ‘90s a parallel pseudo-industry of weddings has developed in Romania. Hundreds of bands have emerged all over the country and the predilect sound of family events either at restaurants or at home was what we call today “protomanele”, a mix of electrified oriental pop with local flavor that would later cristalise into “manele”, the contemporary wedding music. One can find uncountable examples of such music on youtube and, a local online platform dedicated to this genre (Albatros, Tomis Jr., Azur, Generic, Odeon, Șobolanii din Ploiești, Formația Condor din Craiova, etc.) Raze de Soare – Albatros is a tribute EP to one of the most famous local “protomanele” bands, the eponymous Albatros, the band that put forward this sort of synthetized minimal restaurant music.


"Raze de Soare bears all the signifiers of Future Nuggets' trademark “maneletronics” - taking cues from the bustling but traditional Romanian lăutărească - the Oriental motifs, the nostalgia and longing, mixed with 20th century electronics, a sort of psychedelic 70ties or 80ties chilled sound, starting off with dope bass and squeaky synth sounds. It could be made in the retromania of present day, as well as dug out from the vaults of Romanian synth pop." – Easterndaze.