Fri 11.06.2010    09:00

MONSTER MACHINE WORLD TOUR - Concert Stefanko Balkano >> Friday, June 11th, 20h00, Round Hall

Stevhen Koji Baianu (Stefanko) a.k.a Dr. Dolomite, is a Japanese/Romanian British Immigrant who puts together a fiery blend of Gypsy music, fusing older Japanese styles of Enka with subtle elements of Cumbia, Ska, Punk, Balkan and Romanian music, and many other styles from around the World and Galaxy. Stefanko sings energetic, rhythmically driven songs about life's hardships and beauties in Japanese and English. He is the founder and primary member of The Dolomites, a constantly evolving band that has performed in many configurations at festivals (SXSW, CMJ, AICHI EXPO), colleges and other venues across America and Japan. Stefanko has also performed with numerous groups, including Balkan Beat Box, Yerba Buena and was a touring member of Gogol Bordello.

Our mission, plain and simple, is to give audiences an unforgettable experience, with tears, laughter, dance, sweat, and beyond, where one can go home with fond and new memorable memories of enhanced entertainment... It’s not just a show to us...

"Stefanko's accordion pumps out frenzied melodies in accompaniment to his mischievous, and sometimes maniacal, vocals." -Japan Times

"Stefanko Baianu's accordion is like a lifelong drinking buddy." -Time Out New York

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Tickets: 20 lei / 15 lei (students, seniors)