Sun 25.04.2010    07:00

Loud poetry >> Sunday, April 25th, 19.00h, Round Hall

Manuel Pelmuş, choreographer, says he can hear at night voices reading poetry in the Round Hall of the National Dance Center. Nobody wants to check this. In the absence of the truth, we want to make sure that at least on one night others will be able to hear poetry spoken out loud, even with the attending flesh, or without.

Adrian Schiop (he could be a ghost, by the way he moves and goes to restaurants); Ruxandra Novac (is a ghost. and an illusion); Ionuţ Chiva (we have no information, he is good willling); Adi Urmanov (wears black); Elena Vlădăreanu (is not a ghost); Dan Sociu (we have no information. none at all); Gabi Eftimie (it doesn't matter whether she is a ghost or not, she enjoys it here), Valentina Chiriţă (?); Norzeatic (says he isn't).