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LIKE//The Chechen Family - One World Romania

The Chechen Family (Argentina, 2015)

Director: Martín Solá

Original language: CE, EN

Subtitles: RO

Length: 64 min

Argentinian Martín Solá's movie isn't about what's happening in Chechnya, instead it's about what it means to be a Chechen. Formal stubbornness pushes the viewer to adopt the role of the participant and to abandon that of the mere witness. In this poetic documentary, Abubakar, a 46 year old man, engages in ritual Sufi dances until he reaches ecstasy. Although the transitions are not explicit, the viewer understands from the juxtaposition of these mystical moments with stories from Abubakar's family that this form of hypnosis is necessary, maybe even inevitable in order to process and, in effect, survive a tumultuous past and a not quite comforting present. The movie is part of a trilogy of portraits with countries whose sovereignty is not officially acknowledged.

The projection will be followed by a talk with director Martín Solá.

Tickets for the movie projections from the One World Romania International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival cost 10 lei (full price) or 7 lei (reduced) and can be purchased online on at the Stere Popescu hall before the screening.