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LIKE// Performative Answers CNDB - Omnia 2020

Today’s context is tomorrow’s content.

It is on this note that artists, cultural personalities from Bucharest and from the country, the team and the institution’s team and public offer Performative Answers to the question: How will CNDB be in 2020, when its new venue the Omnia Hall will be inaugurated?

In the last week of the LIKE CNDB 2018 festival, we invite you on 24th, 26th and 27th April, each time from 19.30 at the Stere Popescu Hall at 80-82 Mărășești Boulevard.

Projective contents on the 24th April, 19.30 h, will be performed by:

Dan Perjovschi – live streaming from the Omnia Hall

Oana Mardare and Doru Mihai Taloș (Reactor de creație și experiment) will tell us how Omnia looks like from Cluj, from a 60 seats performance venue

Smaranda Găbudeanu and Virginia Negru (Petec)

Corina Șuteu

Ada and Alexandru Solomon

Cristina Popa and Andrei Racovițan (Feeder.ro), who already included the Omnia Hall in their projects that center on activating public space to reinforce patrimony value

Ramona Chițeanu – CNDB lawyer

Projective contents on the 26th April, 19.30 h, will be presented by:

Ion Dumitrescu

Raluca Voinea (tranzit.ro)

Farid Fairuz

Anamaria Pravicencu

Cosmin Vasile

Suzana Dan

Projective contents on 27th April,19.30h, before the festival afterparty:

Gabriela and Cristian Fierbințeanu come with „CNDB 20.20”, by Fierbințeanu – a stilish presentation of what CNDB should become in the Omnia Hall 2020 perspective

Paul Dunca – the Ritualia Oracol project

Vava Ștefănescu

Last but not least, Republic of Architects with whom we have collaborated in the past year on the Omnia Hall – CNDB subject. We are anxiously awaiting architect Radu Ponta’s proposal
Free admission.
The Answers’ order will be announced before each event.