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Movie projection - One World Romania

The tenth edition of the One World Romania International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival takes place between March 13 and March 19. In the 2017 edition, over 50 documentaries will be shown in spaces such as the Elvire Popesco, Eforie and Union cinemas and at the National Centre for Dance in Bucharest. A wide range of connected events will be organised throughout the week - debates, workshops, exhibitions.

My Talk with Florence (Austria, 2015)

Director, writer, producer: Paul Poet

Original language: DE

Subtitles: RO

Length: 129 min

A woman sits in armchair, with a doll in her arms, talking to a camera that stays fixed throughout the film. The woman's name is Florence Burnier-Bauer. Her long talk with director Paul Poet is a devastating slice of oral history about abuse, resistance and, finally, emancipation. When she leaves her home and bourgeois family for a life in liberty, Florence doesn't know what the freedom discovered at Friedrichshof - a commune formed by the Austrian artist Otto Mühl (1925-2013), co-founder and participant in the Viennese actionist movement - will entail. For Florence, the abuse continues and amplifies in the commune, whose values include the abolition of private property, sexual freedom and the collective education of children. Following her Friedrichshof experience, Florence will need decades to recover, before playing a crucial part in the conviction of Mühl, after the dissolution of the commune.

The projection will be followed by a talk with director Paul Poet.

Tickets for the movie projections from the One World Romania International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival cost 10 lei (full price) or 7 lei (reduced) and can be purchased online on or at the Stere Popescu hall, before the screening.