Sat 27.05.2017    19:00

Heritage Rehabilitation: Challenges and Benefits

CAPITOL Dialogues 1/4


We are pleased to invite you to an informal discussion about the challenges and benefits of heritage reactivation on Saturday, May 27, starting 19:00, at the CNDB, followed by a #FLUID experimental performance.


The guests of the first CAPITOL dialogues series are people whose activity constantly improves the quality of life and space in Bucharest. Their initiatives and projects are at different stages and have distinct approaches, but all relate to the adaptable reactivation of heritage, connected to the needs of today's society.


Save or Cancel about abandoned cultural heritage and prospects for the future - CAPITOL Cinema / Summer Theatre

We set out to discover, through this meeting, models of good practice and distinct experiences, specific to each case.

Understanding the benefits of rehabilitation is, in some cases, deficient. Decision-makers - national or local authorities, owners, etc. - without a broad perspective, they are discouraged by the precarious, superficial aspect of the buildings proposed for rehabilitation.

Adaptive use, linked to current needs, can address these challenges in a sustainable way.

The active integration of the heritage through conversion is treated as an opportunity, not only functional and cultural. The benefits of built-in space, showing all ages, have repercussions in all aspects of public life, but also in the inner workings of a society.

Following the conference, the Open Call Design CAPITOL winning proposal will be made public.

The CAPITOL Cinema / Summer Theatre exhibition presents a selection of works from Open Call Design CAPITOL, the historical study, illustrations and drawings created by artists and the public during the 2016 events.

At 21:00, #FLUID (Paul Dunca, Alex Bălă), a neo-faggotique live queer act, including the song inspired by the history of CAPITOL Cinema / Summer Theatre, titled "The Stage is Yours".


The number of seats is limited. Please confirm your presence by sending an e-mail to



“Heritage Rehabilitation: Challenges and Benefits” conference is a part of the “hub cultural Cinema / Teatrul de vară CAPITOL” cultural project, co-financed by AFCN.


Organizer: Save or Cancel

Partners: ArCub, CNDB, Teatrul Mic, Cinema Marconi, Carol 53

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