Sun 10.01.2010    07:00

HARTA performance >> by Konstantin Mihos and Wrong Movement Dance Co., Sunday, January 10th, 19.00h, Round Hall

“ Harta” is the name of a dance project initiated by Greek choreographer Konstantin Mihos and Wrong Movement Dance Co.

The actual Harta was the main work that Rigas Velestinlis - Fereos (a Greek Historical figure of 18th century) published. Harta was a detailed map of Balkan Peninsula, projecting the pioneering vision of Rigas for a "peaceful, free and democratic Balkan confederation, where all religions and nationalities have a place".

For ten days, Konstantin Mihos is working at CNDB with a group of Romanian student-actors-performers, who, together with the Greek dancers, will take part at the performances from January 9th and 10th.

Our own project is not about making a representation of Rigas Velestinlis himself. It is using him as a pivot to a deconstructive process about history, identity, what makes each one proud of his-her country, common culture.