Tue 16.03.2010    07:00

Film evening >> Romeo Castellucci, Tuesday, March 16th, 19.00h, Round Hall

After studying plastic arts at the school of Fine Arts in Bologna, Romeo Castellucci founded the Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio in 1980 with his sister Claudia and his wife, the playwright Chiara Guidi. He then developed an original stage art, bringing together a range of art forms – theatre, music, painting, opera, mechanics, the creation of images – in order to reach his audience. His shows rest as much on arts and crafts as on the latest and most sophisticated technologies. On each occasion, the matter is one of forging a “stage language” whose truth is revealed through an energy of bodies, through the vital and concrete presence of materials, movement, flesh, sound and visual elements, staged to produce meaning in the spectator’s view.

During the 1990s, Romeo Castellucci took on classical texts as well as epics, notably “Gilgamesh” (1990), “Hamlet” (1992), “L’Orestie” (1997), “Le Voyage au bout de la nuit” (1998) and the Shakespeare-inspired “Giulio Cesare” (2001). He then embarked on a vast four-year-long project entitled “Tragedia Endogonidia”: a system of representations on the lyricism of suffering which, like a living organism, transforms itself in time and space depending on the path it takes from one creation to the next across European cities, from Berlin, Brussels, Bergen, Paris and Rome to Strasbourg, London, Marseille and Avignon.

He has most recently concentrated on an ambitious trilogy – Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso - developed around Dante’s “La Divina Commedia.” Characterized by an at times radical, yet always disciplined, aesthetics, his performances hardly compare to anything else, and they leave long-lasting impressions on the audience. Romeo Castelluci believes that Purgatory lies in the shadow-less reality of everyday habits, in the dull daily chores imposed upon us by life’s tedious vocation, slaves of routine, constantly repeating the same gestures.
In an intimate installation, Paradiso creates the ultimate frame where small groups of viewers are sent on a journey to try and find paradise.