Wed 10.02.2010    07:00

Film evening >> Maguy Marin, Wednesday, February 10th, 19.00h, Round Hall

Maguy Marin (b. 1951, Toulouse) is a French choreographer of contemporary dance, known for her pieces with political implications and which often tackle social criticism. Considered a choreographer who constantly reinvented herself, she does not have a signature-style like most established choreographers, preferring to explore a new vocabulary with each creation. She studied classical dance in Toulouse, Paris, Strasbourg and Brussels, and took part in ballet companies from France and Belgium – a period which she considers essential in her formation.
She then moved on to a French rendition of Tanztheater (a style developed by Pina Bausch in Germany), by including numerous theatrical and non-dance elements in her choreographies. She was misleadingly compared to Pina Bausch: while Pina Baush uses realistic images to render the universal, Maguy Marin transforms the generic and the archetype into specific.
In 1981, her creation May B. (after Beckett) becomes a keystone in choreography and makes her one of the most important choreographers of the French New Dance. With her company, she created dozens of pieces along the years, exploring the frame and the possibilities offered by the non-dance: Cendrillon (1985), Coups d'États (1988), Waterzooi (1993), Pour ainsi dire (1999), Les applaudissements ne se mangent pas (2002), Description d'un combat (2009).
Umwelt (German word for „environment”) is also inspired by Beckett and is a choreographic reflection, terrible and fascinating at the same time, about the futility of existence. Created in 2004, the piece received the Bessie Award in New York. The images which constitute a portrait of the modern world are accompanied by a harsh and hypnotic score created by Denis Mariotte, a long time collaborator of Maguy Marin.