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Descentrat 7. Întâlnirile indisciplinate

INTIMATE KICKBOXING with Despina Maria Ilinca Iorga
How does the body modify when we practice intensely one or more sports? How does the others’
opinion influence the manner in which we continue to practice a sport? Do we stop? Do we stop
Despina invites the audience to a shared state in which we can think about how we wear our bodies in sports and elsewhere. She is a researcher and architect who recently moved to Bucharest. She is practicing now KICKBOXING- many other sports for performance and pleasure purposes. In INTIMATE KICKBOXING she is accompanied by Jasmina Al-Qaisi, visual researcher and poet living between Berlin and Bucharest.

Laura Craciun is a neurologist, researcher and PhD in neuroethics. She will talk about defense mechanisms from a neurocognitive perspective, that could make them easier to understand and maybe even control. The neuronal networks underlying self defense reactions are some of the oldest and most primitive, but their connections and the reactions they can generate are complex and have an influence on our daily lives.

Ardeja Fraga sensible jerk based in bucharest, born in a girl’s body with a taste for eclectic minimalism. former choir singer, self taught producer & gangster, amateur bass, drums, keys & guitar player. comes with naughty message wrapped in cute package.

Decentred opens up a dialogue with various areas of manifestation and practices, not necessarily from the artistic medium. Without focusing on a particular ideaistic or aesthetic field, Decentred brings together people who want to manifest and share their interests, aiming to become a point of intersection for content generated by the participants.

Paul Dunca/Paula Dunker, Farid Fairuz, Maria Mora, Cristian Nanculescu, Alice Venir and their guests propose a framework for reflection and action, a series of undisciplined meetings initiated from the premise that offline experiences, physical encounters and direct contact are increasingly necessary so that dialogue does not remain a virtual accident. Each meeting proposes a new format with a different particularity and opens the performative space to all those who are interested and undisciplined.

The event will be in Romanian.
tea and all - 10 lei