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Decentred 5. Undisciplined meetings

Wednesday, May 9, 19h.30, National Center for Dance Bucharest, Bd. Mărășești 80-82

Free entrance
Recommendation: please bring a book that you wish to donate to CNDB, your own drinks and your best vibrations

Life Drawing Session: the Talking Nude
Alice Venir / Venila Rice, anthropologist, feminist killjoy and life drawing enthusiast (both as attendee and model), invites you to a peculiar session mixing theory and practice. 
Drawing the (female) nude: what dynamics are there at play? What role does the look on the female body play in art and pop culture? What is a female body anyways? Bring your own drawing board and material if you like, or let us provide it to you. No previous experience with drawing is required and any skill level is welcome, but you are expected to participate in the drawing session. 
Attention! Might contain: nudity, feminist and queer theory, vulnerability. The session will be held in English.

Anamaria Pravicencu studied drawing and sculpting focusing on sounds installation. Her main activity from 2006 up to now is the artistic direction of the association Jumătatea Plină, promoting comics and sound and music experimentation (Sâmbăta sonoră, Semi Silent, Her Voice etc.) through consistent and diverse programs. She continues to produce sound-based pieces.

Baroncea Maria is a performer and coreographer. She attented the National University of Theatrical Art and Cinematography in Bucharest and the MA Soda (Solo Dance Authorship) at Hzt and Udk Berlin. Among her artistic production one counts "Miercurea Lejera, EIO - o societate de oră", "Eionometry", "Tryouts to be sincronized", "Wear text - something in common".

Decentred opens up a dialogue with various areas of manifestation and practices, not necessarily from the artistic medium. Without focusing on a particular ideaistic or aesthetic field, Decentred brings together people who want to manifest and share their interests, aiming to become a point of intersection for content generated by the participants.

Paul Dunca/Paula Dunker, Farid Fairuz, Maria Mora, Cristian Nanculescu and their guests propose a framework for reflection and action, a series of undisciplined meetings initiated from the premise that offline experiences, physical encounters and direct contact are increasingly necessary so that dialogue does not remain a virtual accident. Each meeting proposes a new format with a different particularity and opens the performative space to all those who are interested and undisciplined.

Decentred. Undisciplined meetings – is a project supported by the National Dance Center Bucharest