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Decentred 4. The undisciplined meetings // LikeCNDB 2018

Wednesday, April 25, 19h.30, National Dance Center Bucharest, Bd. Mărășești 80-82.


The guests of Descentrat 4:

Nicoleta Moise

“This was Jon Lomberg’s mindset as he and Frank Drake, Amahl Shakhashiri Drake, and Wendy Gradison, Carl’s Sagan editor assistant, set about curating a gallery of images that would represent earth for those who never visited it.”*

Nicoleta Moise is a visual artist. She proposes to take a look over the 116 analogically encoded images selected by NASA, Carl Sagan and his team and designed to explain and represent our civilization mixer to an extraterrestrial civilization. The images were launched outside the solar system on a Golden Record, on the two Voyager spacecrafts in 1977.

After the projection, we will move into a participative area in which we will try together to imagine gestures or actions more or less representative for our civilization and planet.

“They agreed to avoid depictions of war, crime, poverty, and disease.” (excerpts from “The Voyager Golden Record” book, pg. 15).

Agnes Bakucz Canário


What does it mean to grow up surrounded by water/ landlocked /where water access is limited, unsafe, denied?

How does your body feel after a swim? When you take a sip on your thirstiest moment? Is your tap water good enough?

‘Apa lină este adâncă' is a short solo presentation about ‘/‘W A T E R’\’\

Followed by an audience-participation choreographic workshop, an unpredictable performance will arise.

Please bring a bottle of water, and any water related object/fact/story you may have. There is no strict sense of audience and performer. Both are fluid.

Agnes Bakucz Canário is a dance artist based in Budapest and London. Their work is collaborative and merges movement across disciplines, searching for tenderness and cooperation in everyday matters i.e, human relationships to money, digitality, institutions, borders, and water.


Paula Dunker

Paula Dunker (born 2016) is the mother of the music genre and life style called techno faggothique. After consulting with the most famous local fortunetellers, with astronomy, with her heart and with the internet, the queer act FLUID ('s vocalist bet her whole wealth on a non-binary future, with which she decided to finally delight you again.


Decentred opens up a dialogue with various areas of manifestation and practices, not necessarily from the artistic medium. Without focusing on a particular ideaistic or aesthetic field, Decentred brings together people who want to manifest and share their interests, aiming to become a point of intersection for content generated by the participants.

Paul Dunca/Paula Dunker, Farid Fairuz, Maria Mora, Cristian Nanculescu and their guests propose a framework for reflection and action, a series of undisciplined meetings initiated from the premise that offline experiences, physical encounters and direct contact are increasingly necessary so that dialogue does not remain a virtual accident. Each meeting proposes a new format with a different particularity and opens the performative space to all those who are interested and undisciplined.


Free entrance

Recommendation: please bring a book that you wish to donate to CNDB, your own drinks and your best vibrations.

Decentred. The undisciplined meetings - a project supported by the National Centre for Dance in Bucharest