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Decentered 8. Undisciplined meetings

Dolly & Cristian
Two of the kind, one love story, Dolly and Cristian - an elegant and sportive acrobatic duo from Bucharest, with over 15 years of experience in multiple complementary Circus routines. During their careers they have worked with numerous Circuses worldwide touring with their troupe, The Dolly Crețu Troupe, performing aerial acrobatics, a teeterboard act and banquine. Their act is a choreographed romantic play on gymnastics and dance.
Acrobatic flyer and equilibristic performer, artistic dancer and Circus Belle, Crețu Maria Dolores is a third generation Circus performer, growing up in the show-business with her family.
Trained in sports gymnastics, with an athletic career over 18 years, Cristian Nicolescu joined the Metropolitan Circle in Bucharest because the love for aerial acrobatics, equilibristic and the excitement of the stage.

Sofia Zadar
Sofia Zadar is a smooth, queer and radical alter ego who appeared in Bucharest in the spring of 2018. Sofia Zadar writes eclectically, produces lo-fi, plays anything at hand (especially guitar and keyboards) and explores affects, identities and political themes in bedroom pop experiments. In the spare time, urges the patriarch to emotional work.

Japanese inspired rope bondage cu Billie Rose și Leslie Moore.
Japanese inspired rope bondage with Billie Rose and Leslie Moore. Why would you let yourself be tied with ropes? Why would you try to tie someone up? It is an intimate and physical practice, about exploring your own body and emotions as well as the other person's. Some do ropes for pleasure and curiosity, others for pain, domination, masochism. Maybe for sex and euphoria. Maybe to lift the sense of responsibility due to helplessness. Or maybe for exposure or humiliation. For some is a sport. Others create photographs, shows or art installations. Some do it as a meditation. Others transform it in a ritual, a spiritual practice. There is no one reason to do bondage. But many among us simply do it because we are free to try.

Decentered opens up a dialogue with various areas of manifestation and practices, not necessarily from the artistic medium. Without focusing on a particular idealistic or aesthetic field, Decentered brings together people who want to manifest and share their interests, aiming to become a point of intersection for content generated by the participants.

Paul Dunca/Paula Dunker, Farid Fairuz, Maria Mora, Cristian Nanculescu, Alice Venir and their guests propose a framework for reflection and action, a series of undisciplined meetings initiated from the premise that offline experiences, physical encounters and direct contact are increasingly necessary so that dialogue does not remain a virtual accident. Each meeting proposes a new format with a different particularity and opens the performative space to all those who are interested and undisciplined.

The event will be in Romanian.
not recommended under 16 years

tea and all - 10 lei

Decentered. Undisciplined meetings - a project supported by the National Dance Center Bucharest