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Dance Roads Festival

Dance Roads is a European Network, dedicated to supporting innovative choreographers and providing them with an opportunity to emerge onto the international stage. It aims to give selected artists from each partner country a wide platform to showcase their work, and create and foster productive working relationships with artists and organisations from different countries.

The network currently hosts a biennial touring festival, jointly coordinated by each partner, which supports the transnational mobility of high quality contemporary dance works from choreographers in the early career stages. It presents short small-scale works, providing audiences with opportunities to view 5 choreographers’ work from different nations within one programme.

Dance Roads in Romania

Saturday, May 28

18:00 - Yonder – Jasper van Luijk (NL)

19:00 - Of the Earth, From Where I Came – Gwyn Emberton (UK)

19:30 - Nœuds (Knots) – Compagnie Adéquate (FR)

20:00 - Qui, Ora – Claudia Catarzi (IT)

20:30 – LAY(ERS) – Cristina Lilienfeld (RO)

Sunday, May 29

13:00 – Brunch Frog

18:00 - Yonder – Jasper van Luijk (NL)

19:00 - Of the Earth, From Where I Came – Gwyn Emberton (UK)

19:30 - Nœuds (Knots) – Compagnie Adéquate (FR)

20:00 - Qui, Ora – Claudia Catarzi (IT)

20:30 – LAY(ERS) – Cristina Lilienfeld (RO)

21:30 – Artist Talk


Dance Roads in Europe

Glob Theatre Bordeaux, France -19th + 20th May |

Lavanderia a Vapore Turin, Italy – 25th May |

National Centre of Dance Bucharest, Romania -28th + 29th May |

Stadstheater Arnhem Arnhem, The Netherlands -2th + 3th June |

Chapter Cardiff, Wales – 7th + 8th June |


Yonder – Jasper van Luijk (NL)

Yonder is a solo for dancer Jefta Tanate and a light-installation; a work on the inevitable ralationship between man(kind) and time.

Many people dream about traveling in time. But isn’t our whole existence one long journey trough time?

Yonder is a search for the beginning and the end of time within the lifecycle of one man. Dancer Jefta Tanate questions time and its meaning. The work challenges the audience to escape from every day life and surrender to a timeless spatial experience.

Length of piece: 22 minutes



Jasper van Luijk: choreography, lighting and music

Jefta Tanate: dance

Yonder - Jasper van Luijk from Productiehuis Generale Oost on Vimeo.


Of the Earth, From Where I Came – Gwyn Emberton (UK)

The solo ‘Of the Earth, from where I came’ is inspired by Dylan Thomas’ poem Fern Hill. The body is part of the earth. His struggle between being human and his connection to the earth becomes a battle against the passing of time.

Length of piece: 10 minutes


Choreography by Gwyn Emberton

Performance by Albert Garcia

Music composed by Benjamin Talbott

Lighting designed by Ben Cowens

Set and Costumes by Gwyn Emberton



Nœuds (Knots) – Compagnie Adéquate (FR)

A comical and touching imbroglio and many times awarded duet. Lucie Augeai and David Gernez choreographed the perpetual research of the other gender, sometimes complex, sometimes twisted. A man-woman duet materializes the embrace, the tension, the relationship to the other and the listening in a rich working of hands and facial expressions. On stage, two performers reveal themselves in a movement both fluid and violent, where humour and mime summon dance on Baroque music.

An allegory of love with baroque accents with light or biting energy …

Length of piece: 20 mins (Shortened version)


Production: CompagnieAdéquate

Choreography and performance: Lucie Augeai and David Gernez

Light design: David Gernez

Music: Marin Marais, Aphex Twin, Jordi Savall

Coproductions : CCN Malandain Ballet Biarritz. With the support of ADAMI grâce au concours «Les Synodales », Ménagerie de Verre (StudioLab), Paris Jeunes Talents, France Embassy in Belgium (BE)

A special Thanks to Glob Theater, Bordeaux (FR) and all members of the network Dance Roads 2015.

Noeuds - Teaser from Compagnie Adéquate on Vimeo.


Qui, Ora – Claudia Catarzi (IT)

This solo examines in a straightforward way how the body reacts to the conditions of stage situations created by space, costumes, sounds and the proximity of the audience. All of these aspects decide in the given moment – “the here and now”, “qui, ora” – about the form of gesture and rhythm, about each step and movement of this intimate journey. An empty stage, a dispassionate look, are at the very essence of dance language and stage presence – this is the minimalist task with which the dancers operate. It heads away from internal and external limitations, including gravitational resistance, and finds a psychological dimension in motion, capable of powerful emotional impact.


Coreography and dance: Claudia Catarzi

Music: Johnny Cash, SpartacoCortesi

Light design: Leonardo Bucalossi

Technician: Massimiliano Calvetti

Production: Company Blu

Photography: Jacopo Jenna

Supported by: Inteatro / Polverigi, Fondazione Teatro Metastasio Stabile della Toscana, Centro ArtisticoilGrattacielo

QUI, ORA / CLAUDIA CATARZI_dancepromo from Jacopo Jenna on Vimeo.


LAY(ERS) – Cristina Lilienfeld (RO)

The starting point for this project was an image of the human skin and how it changes with time, how it peels off and always regenerates. Skin offers a very expressive view of life, movement, death and raises questions such as; what guards the skin, what hidden emotions or needs are transmitted through skin and what’s the memory of skin.

In this performance, the relationship between movement and skin is explored as well; what kind of movement answer does tactile stimulation bring? What kind of emotional responses are generated through skin? How clearly can one communicate through touching?

The performance Lay(ers) is about vulnerability and the fight to get inside the emotional body, a continuous dialogue between sound, tactile sense and movement.

Length of piece: 30 minutes


Concept and interpretation: Cristina Lilienfeld

Sound: Brian Eno: The Big Ship by Portishead: The RIP

Produced by: Centrul de Cultura “George Apostu” Bacău and Centre Choregraphique Trois C-L

Trailer - Lay(ers) from Cristina Lilienfeld on Vimeo.

Main partner: Romanian Cultural Institute

Dance Roads Members: Glob Théâtre – France, Mosaico Danza Turin, Coreo Cymru, Chapter, Generale Oost, Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo, National Dance Center Bucharest