Fri 11.06.2010    07:00

DANCE PHOTOGRAPHY >> from June 11th, 20h00 (White Night of the Galleries), 3rd floor

Although they cover the most recent 3 years of performances and choreographic programs hosted by CNDB, the photographs gathered in this exhibition are not intended to document this period thoroughly. Rather, they are slivers of time when the movement of a body met with a conscious push of a button, thus tricking the transient and unstable nature of dance. They are an exploration of what would be un-seeable to an attentive eye – that chain of precise and meaningful moments, which, in a whole, create movement. Moments in time which, put together, do not add up to more than half a second out of these 3 years.

Exhibition opened between 20h00 - 02h00 on June 11th
and until 22h00 from June 12th on