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COMMUNITY, ACTIVISM AND THE DOWNTOWN SCENE >> Tuesday, May 10th, 19h00, Atelierul de Producție

Community, Activism and the Downtown Scenean independent documentary about the experimental scene in New York addresses the changes in the social, political, cultural and aesthetics arenas during the last four decades in an attempt to understand how geographical artistic migration, the role of community, the feminist activism, AIDS and the economy have transformed the experimental arts in New York City.

Capturing a crucial moment just before the election that would grant George Bush his second mandate, the documentary reveals the artists’ concerns with the political and cultural establishment, and exposes the understanding of artistic community, past over forty years of its initial effervescence in the city.

Seen by Cristiane Bouger just as a feasible record, the documentary introduces the history of experimental arts in New York since the 60's counting on the depositions of several artists from theatre, dance, visual arts and performance, including Ellen Stewart (La MaMa), The Living Theatre, Lynn Book and Guerrilla Girls.

The 110 minute-length film was recorded by Bouger with a handcam in 2004 with the primary intent of sharing an intimate depict on New York’s scene with her artistic community in Brazil. The documentary features soundtrack by the Brazilian band Wandula, editing by Magno Borgo and translation by the performance and theatre scholar Margie Rauen. The film poster was originally created by the visual artist Roger Regner.
Cristiane Bouger (1977 in Curitiba, Brazil; lives and works in New York, USA) develops work in the fields of performance art, installation, contemporary dance, experimental theater, text and video to engage in a discourse intertwining body, biography, culture and politics.

FEATURING: Anja Hitzenberger, Charles Dennis (P.S. 122), Dean Moss, Edward Ratliff, Ellen Stewart + Ozzie Rodriguez (La Mama Experimental Theatre Club), Guerrilla Girls, Guerrilla Girls On Tour, Jennifer Monson, Joel Bassin (The Wooster Group), Lauren Saffa (Women Center Stage/The Culture Project), Lynn Book (Voicelab), Margarita Guergue, Martha Bowers (Dance Theatre Etcetera), Rosane Chamecki (ChameckiLerner), Tere O'Connor (Tere O'Connor Dance) and Wendy Tremayne + Marina Potok + Dawn Ladd. SPECIAL PARTICIPATION: The Living Theatre. ALSO: Christina Campanella, Lavinia Co-Op, Sharon Jane Smith and Uncle Jimmy's Dirty Basement.

Script, Direction and Photography: Cristiane Bouger/ Photography Consultant: Tiago Martins Borges/ Photography Assistant: Roger Regner/ Editing and Motion Graphics: Magno Borgo/ Editing Assistant: Luan Voigt/ Original Soundtrack: Wandula/ Subtitles Translation: Margarida Gandara Rauen (Margie)/ Film Poster: Roger Regner/ Web Design: Anderson Maschio — Running Time: 110'/ Language: English/Português/ System: NTSC/ Record system: Mini-DV/ Screen Format: 4X3 Widescreen/ Sound: Stereo. An independent production © Cristiane Bouger, 2006.


This documentary was conceived by Cristiane Bouger in 2004 and has been supported in part by Elide Soares (New York) and epa! (Curitiba).

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