Sun 27.08.2017    17:00

CNDB Domol with Vagenta

CNDB Domol returns after some Luciferic™ heatwaves with episode 4 of the 2017 season! We celebrate the Feminist summer school (Școala feministă de vară) with a dancing Domol organised by the agents of Vagenta, who entice you thusly:

“For two weeks, CNDB was populated by the Feminist summer school participants, who embarked on a journey of (self)knowledge, together with the Vagenta collective and Black Button Books.

We invite you to meet us and ask about our general well-being and feminism and to allow all the women and men within us to softly dance the night away.

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The feminist summer school is a creative exercise in connecting different generations of women and encouraging them to share life experiences, ideas and knowledge. The participants are young women between 16 and 20 years old who are interested in playing with the puzzle of their personal experiences to give voice to intelligence, creativity, complexity and feminine diversity, regardless of sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity or history. The end result will be a cultural product that will employ different  media (body, voice and fashion design).

The feminist summer school is organised by Vagenta and Black Button Books. The project is co-financed by AFCN.”

Vagenta is a collective that questions and explores feminine perspectives. We promote values like freedom of expression, equality between sexes, intelectual freedom, and also freedoms regarding one’s own body, sorority etc, and we wish to create a collective context, a safe space for individual or group explorations.

Black Button Books aims to inform and inspire. Innovative ideas, difficult subjects, fresh perspectives and solid reasoning are the things we wish to bring to a community of involved readers, both online and offline.

The ”CNDB, state institution” project, initiated last summer, was born from the need to generate a common space for the choreographic community, other artists, CNDB’s public and the neighbourhood’s residents, a public space meant to host meetings, debates, interventions, choreographic practices and also dance and movement exercises, parties, concerts and many other events, under the slogan ”CNDB, with INTENSIVELY open doors”.

Last summer’s CNDB Domol events saw artists and cultural managers such as Chlorys, Cosima von Bülove, Eugen Rădescu and Ligia Keșișian Mitulescu, Adrian Mușat (Dosch Lazy), Andrei Grigore and Eugen Neluțescu play their musical selections in CNDB’s yard.