Sun 23.07.2017    17:00

CNDB Domol with Corp.

After a well-deserved one weekend break, during which we paid a courtesy visit to our friends at The Attic Magazine and their wonderful Outernational Days 2 festival, CNDB Domol returns with its third episode of the summer!

Sunday, July 23, we open the courtyard and the foyer for the visit of goddesses Admina, Beatrice Sommer and Chlorys from Corp., the only platform created by and for the women in Romanian electronic music and visual arts.

Admina, Beatrice and Chlorys play their music in the foyer starting at 6 PM and talk about their platform, which also includes Cosima von Bülove. Yum! In the meantime, the chairs created in the performative building site ”CNDB, state institution” (coordinated by Andreea David and facilitated by Anca Cioarec, Brînduşa Tudor and Edi Constantin) await your weary bones, while the courtyard is ready to host INTENSE activities including volleyball, badminton, football tennis and any other games!

Musical hors d’oeuvres at See u sunday!

The ”CNDB, state institution” project, initiated last summer, was born from the need to generate a common space for the choreographic community, other artists, CNDB’s public and the neighbourhood’s residents, a public space meant to host meetings, debates, interventions, choreographic practices and also dance and movement exercises, parties, concerts and many other events, under the slogan ”CNDB, with INTENSIVELY open doors”.

Last summer’s CNDB Domol events saw artists and cultural managers such as Chlorys, Cosima von Bülove, Eugen Rădescu and Ligia Keșișian Mitulescu, Adrian Mușat (Dosch Lazy), Andrei Grigore and Eugen Neluțescu play their musical selections in CNDB’s yard.