Mon 06.03.2017    18:30    map

Call for dialogue and ideas for CNDB's Omnia Hall

In 2016, CNDB has been granted the administration of a building, the Omnia Hall, from which an entire artistic community will benefit, not only that of contemporary dance, because CNDB has and will continue to be a transdisciplinary aggregator for thought and expression.

This fact raises questions about the content of the events hosted and about the institution's philosophy, but also about the development and architectural functionality of the Omnia Hall.

We invite architects from the local community, structural engineers and experts from this field, but also artists and people with stage experience to a debate about the future and the potential of the Omnia Hall as a multifunctional auditorium and a home for Romanian dance.

The debate will be moderated by Vava Ștefănescu, choreographer and CNDB manager.