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Before or after the earthquake? >> 13-15th November - in the frame of

The little information that the public has about what really happened in the Romanian history of dance and performance made possible a speech that outlines especially the holes, the discontinuity and the passages. In order to fill these empty spaces CNDB opened, during the years 2008-2009, a real research and documentation “work site” with the participation of: Irina Severin, Mihaela Michailov, Andreea Novac, Vava Ştefănescu, Manuel Pelmuş, Mihai Mihalcea, Florin Flueraş and Brynjar Bandlien.

Following the process initiated in 2008, CNDB presented between the 13th and 15th of November a new series of lectures, presentations, performances, as well as an installation. The program was as follows:

Friday, November 13th 2009
18.30, Round Hall - Presentation of the project "Before or after the earthquake?"
Guests: Irina Severin, Mihaela Michailov, Vava Ştefănescu, Manuel Pelmuş, Mihai Mihalcea, Brynjar Badlien, Florin Flueraş
After the presentation – intervention in the public space by Manuel Pelmuş - Une certain ligne...

Saturday, November 14th 2009
17.30, Round Hall – Irina Severin presents the results of her research about "The Hammer without a Master" and the life of Stere Popescu
19.00, Round Hall – The hammer without a master (premiere)
20.00, Round Hall - Discussion with Sanda Agalides about "The Hammer without a Master" and Stere Popescu

Sunday, November 15th 2009
17.30, Round Hall – Mobile archives I - live interview by Mihaela Michailov with Liana Tugearu
19.00, Round Hall – Mobile archives II - live interview by Mihai Mihalcea with the founders of Contemp contemporary dance group - Sergiu Anghel and Adina Cezar
20.30, Round Hall – The hammer without a master (premiere)

In the CNDB space - “Release Ana from the wall” – installation by Vava Ştefănescu.