Sun 04.09.2016    19:00    map

Artist presentation: „Nature Lovers - A lecture demonstration on Representing Nature in the Performative frame”

Inspired by the beauty, comedy and history of interpretive nature dances, Allison re-examines the potential for expressionistic nature dances in the Anthropocene. This lecture-demo will look at questions of social responsibility, environmentatlism and activism in the performing field. She will follow this line of inquiry, exploring how the current fields of choreography and performance relate to 'nature dances' and how the immateriality of dance could impact its cultural significance.


Allison Peacock is a Canadian artist working in the fields of visual arts and dance. For this workshop she draws on her diverse training influences such as real-time composition, American post-modern improvisation, ballet class from the functional anatomy school, jazz dance, Klein Technique, poetry and drawing. In 2014 she graduated from the MA SoDA program in Berlin, and holds a degree in Visual Studies and Political Science from the University of Toronto and a professional dance training diploma from the School of Toronto Dance Theatre.