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After.Life_poezie spațială: lecture participativ

After.Life_spatial poetry: participatory lecture

Between September 8 and October 15, the After.Life project proposes a series of events exploring the collective imaginary regarding life after death through various artistic means.

Join us on Friday, September 8, and discover the mistery behind spatial poetry, on which artist Katya Zorina (RUS) will hold a lecture explaining the link between verse and space, followed by an open workshop.

The lecture will take place in English. Participation is free of charge and open to all those interested.

“For me poetry is about space. I regard space as an ability to move in time or sit still. Or both. The structure and general understanding of poetics can be applied in performance, theatre and installation as a way of organizing meaning, be it form or movement. Poetry can create organized structures, as well as it can be manipulated through presence. Space is poetry and image is movement. What is essential for me is this integration of body-mind spaces.” — Katya Zorina

In the frame of this lecture we will concentrate on the optics of poetics and the ability to transfer metaphor. We will apply theory in performative structures, using instruments of the Human Design system, and we will work with group chemistry. Following the participants’ personality types, we will gather in groups of five, which Katya calls “pentas”. These can be functional or dysfunctional and have a quality of wholeness in their trans-auric dynamic.

In the end of the meeting, Katya will select some participants which she will later invite to a free workshop, through September 14-16, at the National Centre for Dance. There we will work on a group performance, which will be presented to the public on September 17.

The IAMLALLA project is a spatial performance in which Katya Zorina first chooses people who are drawn to the poetry of Kashmire Lalleshvary, a mystic poetesse from the XIVth century. Together, you will construct a reading sequence lived out and into the silence.

The ongoing performance took place at the Museum of Eastern and Western Art, in the frame of the Odessa International Theatre Festival, Into The Roots. The #iamlalla live reading was presented during a tea ceremony facilitated by Yugen and supported by the space of presence and silence. It was an event of synchronicity and expression, in which the overall process was molded by its own rules dictated by a moment, attracting responses both from viewers and performers.

Katya Zorina is a graduate of the ICA Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow and of the Valand School of Fine Arts masters in Sweden, but she was mostly active in performance and theatre, rather than in exhibition spaces. She practices various forms of dance, such as Contact Improvisation, butoh and ideokinesis. She facilitates events and teaches. A nomad artist, she prefers to work as she goes. As a spatial poet she conjugates theoretical aspects with the somatic. An analyst and consultant in Human Design and BG5, she uses these instruments to experiment in the frame of performative structures.

In the frame of the After.Life project, poet and artist duo Alexander Omelchenko (Sasha Dodo) and Katya Zorina (RUS) team up with three Romanian artists to create a multitude of workshops, performances and laboratories that layer up a contemporary dance performance. For more details, please follow petec.

After.Life – Open Gates Through Dance is a project coordinated by Smaranda Găbudeanu, through the PETEC Association and finaced through the Center for Cultural Projects of the Bucharest Municipality – ARCUB, through the Bucharest – Participatory City programme, Hipocampus.

Partners: The National Centre for Dance Bucharest, Make a Point, The National Library of Romania, Romano ButiQ, Lacul Tei Civic Initiative Group, Palatul Universul, UNATC „I.L.Caragiale”.
Media partners: Garbo Magazine, LiterNet, Modernism,, Feeder.