Sat 07.11.2009    08:00

A new season SÂMBĂTA SONORĂ >> Saturday, November 7th, 20.00h, Round Hall

2009 is an anniversary year: 20 years since the fall of communism. A great deal of the world is celebrating, but especially remembering. We open a new season of SÂMBĂTA SONORĂ în this context - maybe you've noticed the coincidence of the date - November 7th, the day of the Russian Revolution. We want to remember the pioneers of electronic music, or rather the use of technology to create a new music, for the new man who was about to build communism.
We explored, we had ideas, we had visions of Malevich, Mayakovsky and Eisenstein, but we weren't sure about their sound. Well, this week's programming will go through some of the experiments of the 20-30s, as well as the more familiar sounds of the 60-70s.

Tea, program and discussions await you on Saturday, November 7th, at 8pm, Round Hall.