Three Paragraphs about Two Shows

For this last day of our biennale I have noticed an increased level of applause. I had just said that to the interpreters of Laszlo Fulop’s choreography, when the evening closed with the puzzle by the two Fierbinteanu and they raised that bar again. And since I have already started in an anti-climactic way, here you are, my thanks to all invited performers on the stage and in the room, to our public, and to my colleagues who have worked for this bienalle with their bodies, mind, and more importantly with their heart. I hope it was noticed. Thank you.


Here you are, fresh of the presses, my three paragraphs about two shows. There’s an Elephant in Every Room... (Hungary) - this is a show you would better see before you get entangled in a three way relationship. They say when two persons know a thing it is hardly a secret anymore. But how about when there are three persons? With so much manipulation, in the end it is for granted that everybody is floored. Well, apart from this, I was glad to see a show where they dance, make choreography on music and in apparent silence, marked at times with scarce but well chosen clins d'œil. I saw waltz, I saw tango, I saw synchronized movement, physical  performance in movement, and, in fact, I saw so much more than that.


The concert to conclude our #ReDance bienalle was of a different tone. It made me believe that Amanda Lear has moved to Bucharest, found a crazy bearded man who thinks we are all ri-di-cu-lous, and together they are developing the new surrealism with multimedia, performance, and a lot of humor. Their show should not be told, it has to be seen, it is a joy for the senses and the intellect, offered by two artists that deal in music, dance, play, joggle with concepts, ideas, and visuals. Although, if we are to believe them, in the larger scheme of things this does not count at all for the Universe.