“They`re not all heroes” at INFINITE DANCE FESTIVAL

Cristina Lilienfeld and Smaranda Găbudeanu’s performance “Not All Are Heroes” will be featured at the 2nd edition of the dance and arts festival Infinite Dance Festival, held between November 26th and 30th at the “Szigligeti Színház” Theatre in Oradea.

In an official press release, the festival’s organisers have stated that “the first edition’s success has convinced us to continue our mission to promote different kinds of dances, so that the second edition features a harmonious mix of folklore, classic and contemporary dance, both in the main and the off section. Apart from different concerts and workshop, the festival’s highlight will be a performance meant to emphasize the close relationship between movement, music, poetry and visual arts”.

“They`re not all heroes” is scheduled on Thursday, October 27th, 08.00 p.m., at Arcadia Theatre in Oradea.

“The performance establishes a dialogue with our late grandparents, tapping into the tension of our relationship with them, a crossroads between our most personal interpretations and the staple images in the collective unconscious. This is where we find our own answers when it comes to the struggle for free speech and resistance in censorship and political terror contexts, very much still present today, though in other guises.

Apart from relating our grandparents’ stories, heroic and banal stories of strife and survival, ‘Not All Are Heroes’ is about the process of integrating the past, a process played out in front of the public. We move in the realm of attaining personal completeness, which challenges the public to question their own roots, their own stability and emotional food,” explain the two protagonists.

They`re not all heroes

By/with: Cristina Lilienfeld and Smaranda Găbudeanu

Sound & live electronics and voice: Marian Cîtu

Light design and voice: Alexandru Bibere

Producer: PETEC (The Association for Theatre and Literature)

Co-Producer: Colectiv A

More details about Infinite Dance Festival here.