The Bulgarian Asylum

“Total Damage” made me laugh foremost and in the front seat. Our neighbors from the South proposed an alert split personality show about love. She is beautiful, with long hair, gorgeous gown. He is crazy, back and forth. Actually, I should have said he is playing the guitar. Everybody knows, a guy playing the guitar is forgiven anything by the girl. Even turning their life into a dirty joke with a bunny and a bear. And I checked after the show with the band, the Metheor group, it was indeed a bear, not a squirrel as I suspected initially.


This is a performance with scenes and standstills and changes of costume. They speak a lot and sing a lot, and move so much they become breathless almost - I have already told you, it is about love, life, total damage.

It is not a total loss for the spectator. Quite the contrary, I dare say, for it is a journey of images and an inventory of narrative tones. Just imagine a him and a her stepping on stage, crying on cue, explaining to us what we are about to see: “it’s about love, no, it’s not, stop confusing them”, and then they agree: “it’s about total damage”, cryingly. And madness ensues. Welcome to the Bulgarian asylum!


a text by Daniel Kozak