Momo Sanno creates contemporary dance show with Buzău highschool students

The dancer and choreographer Momo Sanno conducted a two-week contemporary dance workshop with the students from the Technical College in Buzău, with whom he created the contemporary dance show ”A smile in summer”. The show’s main theme is the motif of the Sânziene and it will be presented on the stage of the Drăgaica Festival in Buzău on Friday, June 23, from 9 PM.

The festival takes place each year, between June 20 and June 24, and it involves over 100 artists and 20 recreational and crafts installations from various areas of Romania, including traditional objects and products.

The popular Sânziene or Drăgaica holiday is a ritual observed in Moldova, Muntenia and Oltenia with the occasion of the summer solstice, which marks the middle of the agrarian summer.

The show choreographed by Momo Sanno takes place with the support of CNDB and the Buzău Technical College’s direction.

Video here: