EFP - Dream Come Tree by Ana Catalina Gubandru

05 - 27 .05.2017
opening: May 5th 2017, h:19:00
Studio A5
Piata Amzei str. 5

Dream Come Tree
Or about the Accursed Share

Project inspired by the theory of excess developed by George Bataille in his book The Accursed Share.

In natural environment, a tree can grow unhindered and can proliferate excessively damaging the surroundings and human environment and turning into forest, just jungle, where man must intervene to build a functional habitat.The theory says that any surplus that is not for the benefit of man and does not ensure functional development and individual or collective growth becomes a damn part and must be wasted.

Come Dream Tree project was realized in China, Shenzhen city.
Motion picture, stolen picture, performative picture.

About Photography in motion or photography of the movement or moved. Dynamics and textures. The Textures of the materials that are covering the captured image. Fashion design in motion picture archive. Snapshot of motion. Photographing the passing landscape.

All photos are made on the move, most of the people are photographed without consent or without them realizing that they are photographed. Trips and places. Are divided into 3 categories.
I move, they move, landscape.
I stand, they move, fix landscape.
I sit, they sit, in a means of transport in motion, running landscape.
People, places, bicycles, garbage, colors, textures.

Baishizhou neighborhood where most of the images were photographed, they say in five years will disappear, will be demolished and there will be built a new place. The accursed share must be sacrificed so the theory says, to ensure a functional balance. I photographed in excess, the excess, inspired by the so excessive and Chinese specific gesture of photographing. Initially I began to photograph to see what it's like to be alike, among them. Then I realized that I like and that I can not stop. I was fascinated by any anything or any common thing that became extraordinary and unmissable. I photographed with any device I had at hand.

Project realized in November 2016 in an artistic residency @ Handshake 302, with the support of Handshake 302, Shenzhen, ICR Beijing and National Center of Dance Bucharest and presented in A5 Studio with the support of Ephemair Association within the framework of ART on DISPLAY program.

Ana Catalina Gubandru
She was born and lives in Bucharest. Working with different concepts and media. She developed and presented performances within national and international artistic residencies and dance

A5 Studio is an artist studio used on different occasions as display space for Ephemair Association's projects like: The White Night of the Art Galleries, Art Galeries Weekend, ART on DISPLAY and other collaborative partners events.


ART on DISPLAY prgram, initiated and organised by Ephemair Association since 2014, is reflecting the Romanian contemporary art realities through the window of the shops displays placed in unused or unsafe buildings for the public access, activating Bucharest urban spaces and signaling the never-ending issue of urban comfort in the city through artists interventions and site specific installations.