BIDFF 2018 – [RE]TRACING – 6-9.09

„The fourth edition of the festival comes in a time in which we are forced to fight for normality, rethinking the coordinates of the past in order to understand the future. Dance and film meet on equal grounds to showcase stories about resistance, persistence and courage.

We are on a search and find quest for ingenious means of archiving the collective memory, but also daring speculations about the future, through which we offer a context of repositioning of the <> in relation with <>, even though that means to willingly alter the <>.

I think by positioning an individual against the history of the masses, we can generate a real creative conflict regarding our ideas and perceptions, one that could be able to restructure the uncertain facts of the present.

By showcasing a complex programme, that gathers artists from different fields and geographical areas, we want to challenge the public to try out an exercise of imagination, that will enable the audience to (re)live the reality on three vectors: the temporal, the emotional and the psychological."

- Simona Deaconescu (BIDFF artistic director)

Festival schedule here.