All is relative

Since I have started attending shows well aware I also have to write about them, I am looking at things and thinking in a different way. As I confessed to Mihaela Endorfine Dancs last night, Coregrafie de grup (Group Choreography) made me concerned because of that. I left the hall with a fuzzy warm feeling because of the nice energetic finale, but also thinking what am I to write about this. She did not appear to be worried, you will write about how it made you feel, she said with her funny little mouse smile that her friends know already.

So I asked Madalina Dan, next to whom I sat during the performance. She told me she just realized Colectiv (the club that burned down a year ago, generating a tragedy, and a change of government, among other things) is so close, and the show is also about that for her. Somebody else told me the show is about the diversity of bodies and movements. Finally, somebody told me she liked it because it is an honest show.

Early this morning I awoke to a different idea. All is relative. Blue is blue, but also green, and slate gray. The interpretation is relative (how the audience interprets how the performers perform, all is relative). Bodies are related and relating (in Romanian: bodies are relatives of one another) - Coregrafie de grup is a structured improvisation, an interaction with the mind of the audience, where the movement is organizing slightly, with surprises, pauses, crescendo and pure energy.


a text by Dany Kozak