Nominations to #CNDBAwards2016

Bucharest, November 30th 2016 – The 2016 National Centre for Dance in Bucharest’s (CNDB’s) Awards ceremony will be held on the 10th of December, at the Stere Popescu Hall in Mărășești Boulevard 80-82. This will be the Awards’ third edition, #CNDBAwards2016.

In 2016, the nominees are, in no particular order: Raluca Ianegic, Gigi Căciuleanu, Răzvan Mazilu, Arcadie Rusu, Mircea Ghinea, Maria Baroncea, Andreea Novac, Valentina de Piante, Paul Dunca, Ștefania Ferchedău, Miki Braniște, grupul Contemp, Mihaela Michailov, Simona Deaconescu, Gabriela Tudor, the radio show “Vorba de cultură”, the radio show „Dimineața crossover”, Andreea David, Infinite Dance Festival (Oradea), Florin Flueraș and Brynjar Åbel Bandlien and Brynjar Åbel Bandlien and Rui Catalão.


“This past year has been tough, beautiful and really quick at CNDB. Finally, we can celebrate dance entering through the front door of Romanian culture with the decision that the Omnia hall will be our home from now on. CNDB has been “occupied”, then “rented”, and now is to settle down, to be “installed”. Soon, we will move back to the centre. Our accomplishments were rewarded with a budget that has enabled us to resume the selection of projects and to hire more people. We also have big plans for the future, we want to conquer new frontiers by opening dance centres in the big Romanian cities (Iași, Cluj, Timișoara) and by establishing our own publishing house,” Vava Ștefănescu, the institution’s manager, has stated.  

“We will be celebrating all these things at #CNDBAwards2016 and you shall be able to see the result of the creative donation on behalf of the contemporary dance community in Romania, in light of our moving to the Omnia hall. Of course, you will be able to meet this year’s nominees. The nominations are quite diverse and many more than in the last years, as our quest of building, brick by brick, an event, a community and an institution starts to yield results,” Vava Ștefănescu added.    

As in each year, the awards recognize excellence, they bear witness to valour, but do not attempt to establish a hierarchy. Also, as in past years, the diplomas offered by CNDB are drawn by Dan Perjovschi, while the trophies come in the shape of engraved and gold-foiled decorated bricks. The nominees for #CNDBAwards2016 have been made by the institution’s artistic board and the 2014 and 2015 winners.

The 2014 winners are Ioan Tugearu, Silvia Ghiață, Alexandra Pirici and Manuel Pelmuș, Mihai Mihalcea, Cosmin Manolescu, Mihaela Alexandra Dancs.

The 2015 winners are Liana Tugearu, Mădălina Dan, Miriam Răducanu, Eduard Gabia, Florin Fieroiu.


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