March 1-26, 2017


1 Mar, 19h30: „The Great Scheme of Things”, by Fierbinţeanu

2 Mar, 19h30: „Babel”, by Arcadie Rusu

3 Mar, 19h30: „Drive-by Duet”, by Mihaela Dancs & Andreea David

4 Mar, 19h30: „One Minute of Dance or OOF!!!”, by Gigi Căciuleanu

5 Mar, 19h30: „Timothy and the things: Your Mother at My Door”, by SIN Arts Centre (HU)

8 Mar, 19h30: „2 Contemporary Women”, by Ioana Marchidan

9 Mar, 19h30: „Self no. 10”, by Elena Copuzeanu

10 Mar, 19h30: „lonely lonely”, by Tiina Soot (EE) & Dorothea Zeyringer (A)

11 Mar, 19h30: „By the way”, by Márta Ladjánszki & L1 Association (HU)

12 Mar, 19h30: „Nude of a Black-haired Woman”, by Andreea David

13 Mar, 19h30: Public talk – Simona Deaconescu & Farid Fairuz present their new CNDB productions

14 Mar, 19h00: Workshop RootlessRoot (GR)

15 Mar, 19h30: Movie projection - One World Romania International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival - „My Talk with Florence” (Austria, 2015)

Recommended show - 15 Mar, 19h00: „Europium”, by RootlessRoot (GR) @ Odeon Theatre

16 Mar, 19h30: „Collisions”, by Teatrul Szigligeti (Oradea)

17 Mar, 19h30: „Latent show”, by Andreea David & Cristian Nanculescu

18 Mar, 17h00: Public talk – Silvia Ghiaţă, host of „Lumea dansului” (TVR)

18 Mar, 19h30: „37 Minutes of Make Believe”, by Andreea Novac

19 Mar, 12h00: Movie projection - One World Romania International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival - „The Chechen Family” (Argentina, 2015)

19 Mar, 19h30: „Bucharest. Human Installation”, by Radu Nica (director) & Florin Fieroiu (choreographer) @ ARCUB

20 Mar, 19h00: „Laboratory for Common Practices”, by Andreea David

22 Mar, 19h00: „Alcohol”, by Mihai Măniuţiu (director) & Vava Ştefănescu (choreographer) @ Nottara Theatre

23 Mar, 19h30: „Dancing court” (one to all performance), by Mihaela Dancs

24, 25, 26 Mar, 15h00, 15h50, 16h40, 17h10 & 18h00: „Dancing court” (one on one performance), by Mihaela Dancs

24 Mar, 19h30: „Poetic – playful – provocative: The experimental dances of the Berlin surrealist cabaret Die Badewanne”, a lecture by Agnes Kern (DE)

25 Mar, 19h30: „I Am Just About”, by Andreea David

26 Mar, 19h30: „The Sung History of Romanian Dance”, by Paul Dunca & Eduard Gabia

26 Mar, 21h00: Closing party –Kepler not Kopernikus (live) & FLUID (live)